Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate marketing success when you want to start making money online. It is imperative to ensure you know the 3 ways to earn money as an affiliate and the 5 important things not to do.

If you are new to Internet Marketing the best way to start your business is through affiliate marketing. This allows you to make money online without stocking products, doing accounting, shipping, and other important business aspects. Affiliate marketing allows you to profit from other vendors hard work. Watch the video below:

The three ways to earn money through affiliate marketing:

  1. Getting paid for clicks to your affiliate link: When you market your affiliate link and a customer clicks your link and visit the vendors website you get paid and earn a certain amount of revenue.
  2.  Getting paid for completed sales: Whenever you make a sale from your affiliate link as a result from your advertising the vendors product or service you make a percentage or commission from that sale.
  3.  Getting paid for signups: Whenever a customer registers on the vendors website, due to you advertising your link you make a percentage or commission from that sale and sometimes recurring revenue.

This is a great way to ensure you make additional cash from your efforts of marketing your personal affiliate link from the vendor of your choosing.

There are 5 important rules to remember when you are choosing which vendor to use for your affiliate marketing vendor:

  1. How much commission does the merchant pay? I look for merchants or vendors with at least 50% commissions and recurring sales if the product has monthly subscriptions for services.
  2. How often are commissions paid? You want to locate vendors that pay often, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.
  3. Does the merchant use tracking? Always check to ensure the merchants use tracking mechanisms to ensure that when your link is clicked you get paid for sale. You can usually check this information in the merchants back office.
  4.  Does the company pay on successive sales? Ensure that the company will attribute all sales from the customer you sent to their product. So, if a customer comes back often and makes purchases you want to ensure you get the credit for finding this customer.
  5.  What promotional means does the merchant offer? Ensure the company has promotional methods like email advertisements, websites, articles, banners, etc. After you use those promotional items make your own advertisements to stand out from other affiliate marketers.

So, locate the right partner and trust your instincts and start affiliate marketing and create an income.

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14 Ways to Persuade Your Web Site

14 Ways to Persuade Your Web Site Visitors to Give You Their Email Address

• Ask visitors to subscribe to your e-zine. It is a good idea to also give them a freebie when they subscribe.

• Have them sign-up to get access to download a free eBook. The subject of the eBook should be related to your target audience.

• Give your visitors a free membership inside your member’s only web site. Have them sign-up to receive a user name and password.

• Hold a free contest or sweepstakes at your web site. Ask them to give you their contact information to enter.

• Offer your visitors free consulting via e-mail. Have them fill out a web form to e-mail you with their questions.

• Hold an interactive poll on your web site. Ask your visitors to e-mail you their vote or opinion.

• Ask your visitors to sign-up for a chance to get a web site award. Have them e-mail you their contact and web site information.

• Have visitors fill out a survey on your web site. Give them a free gift as an incentive to complete the form.

• Offer a free online service from your web site. Have visitors fill out their contact information to sign-up to the free service.

• Ask visitors to sign your guest book. Tell them they will get a free gift in return.

• Offer a free affiliate program for your visitors. They will have to sign-up in order to receive marketing materials and commissions.

• Allow visitors to submit a free classified ad on your web site. Require them to give a valid e-mail address in order to post an ad.

• Give people who visit your web site a free course sent via auto responder. Just ask them to fill out their contact information to receive the free course.

• Offer your visitors free software to download. Have them sign-up to get an access code to unlock the software.